Paddle Boarding at Marquette Trails In The Cayman Islands

Marquette trails is a very unique area in Grand Cayman because it is “un-touched” by development. Most people don’t even know it exists. We have the privelidge of sup boarding there once a year when we go on our vacation. You can easily rent a stand up paddle board and then drive there. It is about an hour drive from Seven Mile Beach, which means that you will avoid the crowds that are found on the more developed side of the island. You can even snorkel here, since they have beautiful reefs. Paddle boarding is usually a difficuly activity for beginners, but Marquette Trails is so calm due to the shape of the surrounding cove that anyone with two legs can paddle board there. The most important thing to remember is to not venture too far off-shore since the wind could pick up and take you out to sea. Cayman paddle board rentals are a great way to explore this section of the island.┬áIf there is a time where you want to go there and just relax, then the morning is best. The hot afternoon sun can be brutal, so aim to get there by 7am for a cool breeze. It is not recommended that you walk there because walking can take too long and public transport is non-existent on that side of Grand Cayman.

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